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A simple, safe and compliant solution for your waste antifreeze

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Waste antifreeze (coolant) is harmful to the environment if it is not disposed of correctly. This waste should be stored separately from other waste streams and should not be poured down the drain or into your waste oil tank. At Slicker, we offer a simple, safe and compliant solution for your waste antifreeze and will provide you with the necessary storage containers.

Tailored Service for Your Antifreeze Disposal

Our waste antifreeze collection service is tailored to your requirements. Whether you’re a local business or national organisation, we can arrange a scheduled or on-demand service to suit you.

Whether you have one barrel or a thousand, we have no minimum or maximum collection limits on our antifreeze disposal service.

We Collect Antifreeze Nationwide

Slicker has a national collection fleet and a vast network of depots, meaning wherever you are in mainland UK, we can arrange a collection for your antifreeze disposal.

From call to collection, we pride ourselves on our quality customer service – we’ll even fill out all of the legal paperwork, so you don’t have to.

For more information on our antifreeze disposal service, simply get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


What happens to waste Antifreeze?

Waste antifreeze, which consists of (mainly) water and monoethylene glycol, is sent to water treatment facilities where it undergoes a biological treatment.

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