Why should you segregate your fuel contaminated waste?

Did you know that fuel filters and fuel contaminated rags and granules should be stored separately from other waste streams?

Fuel contaminated waste can pose a substantial fire hazard if not stored correctly, especially in hot weather like we are seeing this summer.

At Slicker we keen to promote best storage practices to ensure your fire risk is minimised.

Please see below some frequently asked questions regarding the appropriate storage and management of fuel contaminated waste:

What are the current regulations surrounding fuel contaminated waste?

Fuel contaminated waste falls under CDR and ADR regulations which stipulate the correct ways to transport this waste.

We advise that fuel filters and fuel contaminated rags and granules should be segregated and stored in a UN PG II container, with appropriate labelling dependent on its contents.

Fuel contaminated waste must be kept in separate containers from oil-contaminated waste for storage, transport and disposal.

Which waste streams do I need to store separately? Fuel Filters used absorbents and rags which have the potential to contain fuel with a flash point below 61°C, (petrol, diesel, gas oil, avtur, kerosene, solvent paint and thinners).
What do you need to do?

If you are a business which produces fuel contaminated waste (i.e. fuel filters, fuel-contaminated rags and granules) you must ensure it is stored correctly and segregated from their other waste streams and held in a UN PG II classified container, with appropriate labelling.

Contact Slicker today to organise delivery of UN approved containers for the safe storage of your fuel contaminated waste.

How will this help? By segregating the waste this will reduce the potential for flammable vapours being emitted to the environment and reduce the risk of fire on site, in transit or when being disposed of.
Which waste streams will not be affected? Oil filters, rags, wipes and granules that are contaminated with waste lubricating oils and greases, or other non-flammable substances are not affected.

For more information on the appropriate storage and management of your hazardous waste, contact our expert team today.

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