What Happens To Your Waste Oil?

If you work in an industry where you have significant quantities of waste oil that you need to dispose of, it’s essential that you use a reliable and credible waste oil collection service to ensure that your oil is correctly managed and doesn’t create environmental harm.

At Slicker Recycling, this is precisely the service we provide, but have you ever wondered what happens to your oil after we take it away?

An article for Green Matters recently took a look at what happens to used oil after it’s been collected by businesses like ours for recycling, as well as highlighting why it’s so important to make sure you dispose of it correctly.

The publication noted that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US, the used oil from just one oil change in a vehicle is enough to contaminate one million gallons of water if it finds its way into the water table.

So, what happens once your oil has been collected? Used motor oil can actually be recycled and re-refined. If you’re wondering what re-refining is, you can read our recent blog about the process. Essentially, impurities and contaminants are removed from used oil which is then processed into a base oil product. This product can then be used to produce new lubricating oil, displacing the use of crude oil significantly, cutting down carbon emissions.

By re-refining used oil in this way, it also redirects it from being used as a fuel in the energy and marine markets, further reducing the potential carbon footprint.

The point is, used motor oil is certainly not waste because it can be used again and again, provided it’s collected by a responsible company and processed correctly.

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