Waste Oil Collections FAQs

When it comes to waste oil Slicker Recycling is the market leader. We provide our customers with expert advice on how to store, manage and dispose of their waste oil in a responsible manner.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we often receive from customers:

How often should we have our waste oil removed? This often depends on how much waste your business produces, as a rule of thumb we recommend emptying your waste oil containers at least once a year.
What can we do if we have a spill? Spillages can be contained by using appropriate spill containment measures. Slicker offer a wide range of products to prepare your business for potential spill hazards. It is important that businesses are prepared for these situations as spills can be very harmful to the local environment if not managed appropriately.
What is the minimum quantity of waste oil you collect? For efficiencies sake, we would generally only collect quantities of 500 litres or more.
Does the waste oil we collect get recycled? The waste oil we collect is re-processed into PFO (Processed Fuel Oil), this is used primarily for electricity generation and marine fuels (both displace virgin fossil fuels reducing the carbon footprint). A small proportion used for the manufacture of road surfacing.
Do we need to fill out any legal paperwork? No - We will ensure all the necessary paperwork is completed for you.
Do you offer a nationwide service? Yes! Wherever you are in mainland UK Slicker can provide you with a waste oil collection service.
Do you collect from residential areas? No, although we can put you in touch with someone who can.
Do you collect oil and water? We do, although this is a more specialised service.

For more information on waste oil or workshop waste management, or if you would like to inquire about our services please contact our expert team today.

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