W.J. King Group greatly reduce their environmental impact through new strategic waste management partnership.

Due to their new partnership with waste management provider, Slicker Recycling, W.J. King - the prominent motor dealer group based in Kent and London, have made significant savings on their waste management, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

Due to their new partnership with waste management provider, Slicker Recycling, the dealer group which represents a wide range of automotive brands including: Vauxhall, Peugeot, Seat and Suzuki, has dramatically cut their overall waste management spend, whilst achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions and eliminating their waste-to-landfill. W.J. King were first introduced to Slicker through their membership with the Vauxhall Buying Group (VBG) and their affiliated partner, The Purchasing Agency (TPA), a purchasing consultancy working primarily within this sector.

Cost Cutting Through Consolidation

Through Slicker’s comprehensive waste management package, the dealer group have consolidated all of their waste management services under one Slick service, helping to cut their total waste spend. Waste oil, workshop waste and dry waste collections, as well as drainage/interceptor maintenance services, are all provided by Slicker Recycling. Through this efficient package, the dealer group have simplified their supply chain, whilst driving down costs. A ‘one-stop-shop’ service that delivers on all fronts.

The Sustainable Slicker Solution

Not only have W.J King reduced spend, and simplified the management process, but they have also greatly reduced their environmental impact through Slicker’s carbon-efficient waste oil recycling process. The waste oil produced from the servicing of W.J King’s customers’ vehicles is now processed back into a base oil product, which can be reused in the production of brand new lubricating oil. This is opposed to alternative methods, in which used oil is processed into low-grade fuel oil to be burnt, generating significant volumes of CO2 and other harmful compounds.

Compared to W.J King’s previous approach to managing their used oil, the carbon savings with Slicker are as much as 37%. Not only this, but through re-refining the used oil back into a base oil they also contribute to the circular economy, ensuring the precious finite resource can be used again and again, without the need to dig to virgin crude oil.

In addition, through the responsible management of their workshop waste, Slicker has also helped W.J. King minimise their waste-to-landfill. Oily rags, used oil filters, oil-contaminated waste and other workshop waste streams are sent to be recycled or reused in a waste-to-energy facility, diverting them from landfill, a process that is in line with the European Waste Hierarchy.

Allan Nash, Group Service Manager at W.J. King, comments

“Thanks to our new waste management partners, Slicker Recycling, we have driven down our waste management spend significantly. This is great news, as it allows us to invest in other areas of our business. Not only this, but we have also managed to minimise our environmental impact through the reduction of our carbon output. A great result on both fronts.”

Ray Bedford, Director of The Purchasing Agency

“The pace of re-refining used engine oil within this sector has really gathered momentum in the last twelve months, as car dealership companies become aware of this sustainable process. The significant reduction of costs associated with these services makes it an easy decision. My forecast is this method will become the norm in this sector by 2025, coinciding with the target year for some vehicle manufacturers only producing electric vehicles.”

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