Slicker Responds to Interceptor Collapse

Our specialist division Slicker Interceptors have recently been called out to a customer’s site whose interceptor had completely collapsed, resulting in a large cavity below the surface. The area affected was significant and needed to be cordoned off for safety concerns, causing disruption to the business.

In a previous PPM inspection, carried in July this year, a crack had been identified within the interceptor wall and Slicker made strong recommendations were made to complete repairs. Unfortunately, this advice was not taken up, resulting in the interceptor integrity failure.

To resolve the issue, Slicker has completed an assessment of the area to understand the full extent of the damage. This will then be followed by an excavation of the area to remove the debris and a new interceptor and wash pit will be installed.

Faults in interceptors can occur for many reasons, including heavy impacts from above, weather conditions, incorrect installations, or age. Slicker recommends you inspect your interceptor on a 6-monthly basis to ensure you avoid an interceptor collapse and the resulting expense and disruption. The cost difference between fixing a crack when it is identified, to repairing a collapsed interceptor may be in excess of £40,000. This is a significant expense that can easily be avoided providing you act quickly.  

Our experienced team can help you manage risks to your business and the environment through regular pre-planned maintenance of your interceptors and drainage systems. We will advise you of any potential defects such as faulty alarms, pumps, blockages, cracks and ineffective filters, and can complete any repairs at a time convenient for you.

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