Slicker Recycling's Big Fat Waste Quiz

Put your waste knowledge to the test with our Big Fat Waste Quiz. Are you a ‘Waste Wannabe’, ‘Oil Oracle’ or ‘Leonardo Da Bin-ci’? Find out below!

1. Which of these waste streams can go into your general waste?

  1. Oily Rags
  2. Disposable Coffee Cups
  3. Empty Oil Containers

2. On the waste hierarchy, which is the most preferred method of managing your waste?

  1. Recycling
  2. Avoidance
  3. Disposal

3. Which of the below waste streams cannot go into dry mixed recycling?

  1. Metal Cans
  2. Cardboard Boxes
  3. Crips Packet/Sweet Wrappers

4. What does WEEE stand for?

  1. Water Energy for Efficiency Execution
  2. Waste and Environmentally Efficient Electronics
  3. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

5. Which of the following should you NOT put into you waste oil tank?

  1. Engine Oil
  2. Hydraulic Oil
  3. Antifreeze

6. How much waste goes to UK landfill each year?

  1. 5 million tonnes
  2. 11 million tonnes
  3. 14 million tonnes

7. How long can you store hazardous waste on site for?

  1. 6 months
  2. 12 months
  3. 24 months

8. Which of the below is classed as a hazardous waste stream?

  1. Oil Filters
  2. Rotten Food Waste
  3. Septic Waste

9. Who’s duty of care is it to remove and dispose of waste?

  1. The business producing the waste
  2. The waste service provider
  3. The local government

10. What do you need to transport waste?

  1. A Transit Van
  2. A BTEC in Waste Transport
  3. A Waste Carriers Licence



  1. b)
  2. b)
  3. c)
  4. c)
  5. c)
  6. c)
  7. b)
  8. a)
  9. a)
  10. c)


Are you a ‘Waste Wannabe’, ‘Oil Oracle’ or ‘Leonardo Da Bin-ci’?

0 - 3       Waste Wannabe

4 - 7       Oil Oracle

8 - 10     Leonardo Da Bin-ci


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