Slicker Recycling buys John Rome environmental management business

Workshop waste specialists Slicker Recycling has begun its expansion programme with the purchase of the business and assets of John Rome, the interceptor and vehicle wash specialists, from the Avanti Group.

According to Slicker Recycling MD Mark Olpin,

This is in line with our long term plan to extend the non-oil side of our business and move towards a wider total waste management offering.

We can now have a full environmental and waste package for the auto and commercial vehicle market. In addition to our nationwide oil recycling and workshop waste collections we can provide specialist interceptor and vehicle wash cleaning and maintenance.

John Rome are leaders in interceptor and car wash environmental services and we have worked with this company extensively in the past on a sub-contract basis. Now they are part of Slicker Recycling we can provide a direct, complete package.

In addition to linking with oil and waste collection, the cleaning and maintenance services for drainage systems, interceptors and vehicle washes are available separately.

All services previously offered through John Rome are now available from Slicker. Slicker Recycling, previously operating as Hydrodec UK/OSS Group, was purchased earlier this year by millionaire entrepreneur Andrew Black, founder of the online betting service Betfair.

In November the company re-branded as Slicker Recycling.

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