Servicesure sign new 3-year contract with Slicker Recycling following record-breaking carbon savings.

Slicker Recycling receives Servicesure’s Supplier of the Year Award for 2023

The UK’s leading garage programme, Servicesure, have renewed their longstanding sustainability-led partnership for another 3-years with waste management specialists, and holders of Servicesure’s Supplier of the Year Award for 2023, Slicker Recycling. The news follows Servicesure’s record-breaking carbon-cutting year in 2023, which they are already on target to surpass this year.

Since the start of their partnership, in 2017, Slicker has supported Servicesure members to reduce their waste management spend, by offering industry-leading rates, and providing cleaner, greener solutions for their waste oil and workshop waste.

Each year, as the Servicesure network has grown, so too have their carbon savings, thanks to Slicker’s innovative waste-oil–to-base-oil approach. By the end of 2023, the Servicesure network managed to break their all-time carbon cutting-record, saving over 117,000kg of CO2, when compared to the competition.

In total, throughout their 7-year partnership, Slicker has collected well over 3 million litres of used lubricating oil from Servicesure members and has helped them save over 607,000 kg in carbon emissions!

These outstanding savings are only possible thanks to Slicker's unique approach to re-refining used oil. Unfortunately, many other service providers process the used oil they collect into a low-grade, carbon-intensive product which, in turn, is burnt as a fuel in the marine market.  As a carbon-efficient and sustainable alternative, Slicker instead opts to produce a re-refined base oil. The base oil which Slicker produces is sold back into the lubricant market, where it’s blended to make brand-new lubricating oils. Not only does this help Servicesure Autocentres greatly reduce their carbon footprint through a highly efficient re-refining process, but it also directly contributes to a sustainable circular economy, preserving finite natural resources.

Now, with the new deal signed, Slicker will continue to provide a comprehensive waste management service across the 600-strong Servicesure Autocentre membership, supporting them with reducing members costs and carbon through responsible waste management.

Paul Dineen, Head of Servicesure Autocentres has commented,

“As the Servicesure Autocentre network has grown from strength-to-strength, so too has our longstanding partnership with Slicker Recycling. Both organisations are aligned in our approach to sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment.

Our membership can rest assured that, through Slicker Recycling, they have the best possible route for their waste oil and workshop waste and will receive industry-leading rates, helping to reduce their carbon emissions and waste spend.” 

Slicker Recycling’s National Sales Manager, Sean Thorpe, has said,

“Through our many years of working with the Servicesure Autocentre network, we understand the needs of their members. With the signing of the new deal, we look ahead to further develop our partnership, delivering reliable, cost-efficient waste management services, whilst maximising carbon savings.”

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