Revolutionary Waste Oil Solution Helps Sinclair Group Drive Down Carbon Footprint

Sinclair Group, Wales’ largest motor retail group, has demonstrated its commitment to a greener future with the help of a new sustainable, carbon-efficient waste management strategy.

Thanks to a partnership with sustainability-focused waste management provider, Slicker Recycling, the Group will be reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to the circular economy – in part due to an ingenious way of recycling used oil.

Sinclair’s Sustainable Slicker Solution

Representing a host of prestigious brands including Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, Sinclair’s 25-strong network of retailers expertly service and maintain the vehicles of thousands of motorists each year and its busy workshops generate a wide range of waste streams, including used oil, oil contaminated absorbents, oil filters and antifreeze. Slicker Recycling provides a comprehensive, sustainable management solution for all these waste streams, helping to reduce carbon emissions and achieve zero-waste-to-landfill but also an industry-leading, carbon efficient solution.

Under the new partnership, the significant volumes of used oil generated by the service departments will be managed responsibly at Slicker’s state-of-the-art re-refining facility, where it is processed back into a base oil product. This product will then be sold back to the lubricant market, where it is blended with other components to produce brand-new lubricating oil - a sustainable approach to managing used oil that is quite unique in the industry. Many other service providers process the used oil they collect into either a low-grade Processed Fuel Oil (PFO) or Gas Oil, both of which are burnt as a carbon-emitting fuel in the marine and energy sectors.

When compared to PFO producers, Slicker Recycling is helping the Sinclair Group to save almost 59,000 kg of carbon each year, and as much as 102,000 kg of carbon, when compared to gas oil producers. By simply switching to Slicker Recycling, the Group has achieved huge carbon savings that will make a real impact in the combat against climate change – a development that Maria Drane, Group Purchasing Manager, is delighted about.

“Sinclair Group is committed to a new sustainable direction, looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, and make positive environmental changes,” said Maria. Thanks to our partnership, Slicker Recycling has made it easy for us to achieve an immediate and significant reduction of our carbon footprint. Simply by switching to Slicker for our hazardous waste management, we are contributing to a sustainable circular economy and greatly reducing our emissions with ease.”

Sean Thorpe, National Sales Manager at Slicker Recycling added: “It is great to be working alongside the Sinclair Group, who are as committed to responsible, sustainable business practices as we are. We are happy to help them on their carbon reduction journey, and through our innovative, carbon-cutting approach they have made outstanding progress.”

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