International Women’s Day - Sidney Jones, Group Finance Director

Our next inspirational woman is our Group Finance Director, Sidney Jones. Sidney joined us as Financial Controller in June 2018 and is now a key member of our Executive team. As FD, she has responsibility for all financial aspects of our operations and strategy, including financial planning, budgeting, monitoring cash flow, and the preparation of monthly management information to present to key stakeholders. 

Hi Sidney – you’re our third inspirational Slicker female leader up for the Q&A this year, it’s great you’ve been able to join us as I know you are currently on maternity leave. If you don’t mind, we’ll start with a question about this year’s IWD. In 2024, IWD is all about understanding, valuing, and seeking out better inclusion of women. But what does inclusion mean to you as a professional?

It’s great we’re doing this for IWD 2024. It really helps to showcase the great things women are doing here at Slicker. To me, inclusion means working in an environment where everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or background, feels valued, respected, and empowered to be who they want to be and not afraid to have their say.

And to follow up on that first question, what more do you think can be done to improve female inclusion in the workplace?

I really believe women have already made great progress in the workplace however, more can still be done to further empower women. Continuing to ensure that women receive equal pay and opportunities to their male counterparts, providing mentor programmes specifically aimed at female leaders in the workplace, and ensuring that male colleagues treat female colleagues equally.

Taking things a step further, to you, what is done here at Slicker Recycling to ensure balance and female inclusion? 

In short, there is a lot being done by the company. I believe it starts from the top, and the Slicker Executive team has an equal number of female and male colleagues, which I find refreshing, especially considering the industry that we are in, which is historically dominated by men. Slicker has grown colleagues' trust by getting to know and showing interest in all and I believe this creates a safe environment and gives confidence to have those difficult conversations if needed.

That’s a great insight, thank you. Can I ask what will you be doing to play your part this year in promoting female achievement, or pushing back against bias or discrimination? 

Once I rejoin the business following my maternity leave in July, through my position on the Exec team, I will ensure that all decisions made support the principles of equality and inclusion.

And finally,…it wouldn’t be IWD without asking you which female has inspired you in the past 12 months? 

I became a mum for the first time in August 2023, to my little girl Harper. Already, via this steep learning curve, Harper has inspired me in many ways, teaching me patience, resilience, and the importance of nurturing and supporting others. I have become further motivated to strive for a better world for my little girl.

The wonderful thing about International Women’s Day is getting the chance to thank the women who’ve supported me in becoming a new mother.

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