International Women’s Day - Laura Carter, Joint Managing Director

Laura is our widely respected Joint Managing Director who has been at Slicker Recycling for 16 years. She is a leading female voice internally and also in the industry. During her time with Slicker Laura has held a number of roles including Account Manager, Commercial Contracts Manager, and Commercial Director. She became MD in 2022.

Hi Laura, you’re last up in our IWD series this year and have the honour of concluding things! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and what your role entails here at Slicker Recycling? 

Thanks for having me, it’s great to be involved again this year. I joined the company back in 2008 and was appointed joint MD in 2022. My role is varied, in addition to various day-to-day decision-making, responsible for all commercial matters, customers, marketing, and our great people. More recently I’ve taken on more responsibility working with our logistics team and service delivery.    

You sound like a very busy person. So today is all about valuing and seeking out better inclusion of women, but what does inclusion mean to you?

For me, inclusion is all about ensuring women have a voice and are heard no matter if that’s at home or in the workplace. We all have to believe in ourselves more and not let anyone, or our own self-doubt, stop us.

Totally agree Laura. So, what more do you think can be done to improve female inclusion in the workplace?

We have a very good split of males/females across our leadership team here at Slicker, but I think some industries could be doing more by giving females, particularly those not in leadership roles, a platform to build their confidence and explore development opportunities. A good starting point might be putting in Female Leaders Programmes to ensure this happens and companies are held responsible.

And what about Slicker Recycling, what is done to ensure balance and female inclusion here? 

I really hope that other female colleagues seeing we have a female Managing Director, as well as a female Finance Director and many other females in senior management roles will encourage them to follow their dreams and go for it. 

So what will you be doing personally to play your part this year in promoting female achievement, or pushing back against bias or discrimination? 

The Waste industry is traditionally male-dominated and I have been very lucky not to experience any bias towards me for being a woman, but as joint MD I see it as a key responsibility to hold everyone to account no matter what gender you are. I also think I need to use my platform as a female in a senior position to create more awareness and show others that anything is possible if you work hard and don’t let anything hold you back.

And finally Laura,…it wouldn’t be IWD without asking you which female has inspired you in the past 12 months? 

Can I give more than one, as there are three that spring to mind who I admire and also inspire me. The first is ‘Mother Pukka’ who is an influencer and is all about ensuring women returning to work get flexible rights and are treated equally. I love how honest she is and talks about the highs and the lows of trying to keep all the plates spinning when returning back to work after having (or raising) children. I also like Mary Portas as she is very focused on sustainability, being ethical, and doing the right thing for the planet, whilst maintaining her drive and determination at the same time.

Finally, I want to give a special mention to my 20-year-old daughter, who over the past few years has endured so much especially dealing with the loss of a close family member. Her emotional wellbeing has been really challenged, but the strength and resilience she has shown has been incredible. She is a true inspiration to me.

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