International Women’s Day - Laura Baulk, HR Manager

Next up, and number five today in our IWD Q&A, is our HR Manager Laura Baulk. Laura has been with Slicker for almost seven years, having started as an HR administrator back in 2017. She was promoted to the position of HR Manager in March 2022.

Hi Laura. Great to see you. Let’s start by talking about the theme of this year’s IWD. For 2024 it’s all about understanding, valuing, and seeking out better inclusion of women. But what does inclusion mean to you as a professional?

Hi everyone, and can I just say it’s great to be involved. For me, inclusion means creating a work environment where every woman feels valued, respected, and included. It’s also about fostering a culture where women can thrive without barriers in both equality and equity.

More generally, what more can be done to improve female inclusion in the workplace?

I think companies should be promoting gender diversity in leadership by implementing strategies to increase the representation of women in senior positions through targeted recruitment, mentorship programs, and leadership development initiatives.

And focussing on Slicker specifically, what is done here to ensure balance and female inclusion? 

Slicker Recycling has given me opportunities and invested in my professional development. I have been very lucky as the company has given me the flexibility to fit my job around my young family, to allow it to be possible.

Taking things another step, can you tell us what you will be doing to play your part this year to promote female achievement, or push back against bias or discrimination? 

In my role, I play a big part in creating inclusive policies to remove barriers and biases that may disproportionately affect women. Also, it’s key that I help support work/life balance by offering benefits and support programs that help women (and men) balance their professional and personal responsibilities such as flexible working, parental leave policies, and wellness programs.

Thanks again for answering all the questions, Laura. But there’s one final one. Can I ask which female has inspired you in the past 12 months? 

For me, that would be Louise Boyce. She is an online ‘Mumfluencer’ who shows the funny side of trying to juggle raising young children with having a career. She’s amazing.

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