International Women’s Day - Katie Monday, Senior Management Accountant

Next up in our IWD Q&A is Katie Monday who joined us back in 2009 working in our finance team. Katie has worked in many roles across the finance department, including Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Credit Control, and Payroll. In 2022 she was promoted to Senior Management Accountant and now oversees and manages the sales and purchase ledger within the finance team, along with many other duties!

It’s lovely you can join us Katie and I wanted to kick off by asking you about inclusion and what it means to you as this year’s IWD is all about understanding, valuing, and seeking out better inclusion of women?

To me it means to feel included, welcomed, and valued as part of the team. To be your authentic self and be happy, healthy, safe, and work in a productive environment.

Super answer Katie, and what about here at Slicker Recycling, what can be done to ensure there is a balance and female inclusion?  

We are very lucky because at Slicker we have lots of women in senior and management positions across the company and they encourage other women every single day. I know it’s not the case everywhere and hopefully, days like this will remind people.

So what will you be doing to play your part this year in promoting female achievement, or pushing back against bias or discrimination?

Firstly, I’m really flattered to be part of this year’s IWD, so thank you. There are so many amazing and empowering women working at Slicker Recycling and I feel we all really do support each other. However, I will continue to play my part in supporting and encouraging my female colleagues with their roles, just as other women have helped and supported me.

Thanks again Katie for taking part and sharing with us. So finally… it wouldn’t be IWD without asking you which female has inspired you in the past 12 months? 

There are many women who inspire me. I have a big family with lots of women, including three sisters who work hard running their own businesses as well as taking care of their families. I’m a mum myself to a beautiful nine-year-old daughter called Mila. She loves her school friends, music, skincare, and playing football - her sheer diversity of what brings her joy inspires me every day.

Also, can I just mention one more special person as there is no better day to celebrate women than International Women’s Day. I would like to say a special ‘thank you’ to Sidney our Finance Director who is currently on maternity leave. I feel she has really helped me in my role since she started at Slicker and has encouraged and supported me throughout the whole time. Thanks, Sidney.

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