Harwoods open their brand-new Volvo dealership in Crawley with a cost-saving & sustainable Slicker waste solution

Harwoods Group, a leading automotive dealership group, with sites in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent, has opened their brand-new Volvo dealership, located in Crawley, West Sussex. As a proud partner of the Harwoods Group, Slicker Recycling will be providing their new state-of-the-art site with an innovative waste management solution, encompassing all their waste management needs.

A Sustainable Solution

By working with Slicker Recycling, Harwoods’ new Crawley Volvo site, as well as the other 19 Harwoods sites, will benefit from a dramatic reduction of their carbon footprint. Instead of being used as fuel in the marine or energy market, the waste oil collected at Harwoods’ sites will be sent to Slicker’s joint venture base oil re-refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark where it will be processed into a base oil product. This product will then be used in the production of new carbon efficient lubricating oils which emit 30% less CO2 than alternative lubricating oils produced from crude.

A Hassle-Free Service

In addition to their carbon efficient waste oil service, Slicker Recycling will also be providing Harwoods’ new Crawley site with a comprehensive waste management solution for all their waste streams including, hazardous workshop waste, general waste, dry mixed recycling and scrap metal. To meet the high sustainability standards of the Volvo brand Slicker will also be providing the new Crawley site with food waste containers to help segregate their waste. Parts washers as well as interceptor and drainage services will also be provided.

Lewi Fasulo, Head of Business at Harwoods Crawley Volvo, has said,

“At Harwoods, we are always looking to innovate in everything we do, and waste management is no exception. Slicker Recycling are the ideal waste management partner as they share our vision to minimise the impact we have on the environment. The opening of their base oil re-refinery is a huge step toward this, helping us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.”

Laura Carter, Commercial Director at Slicker Recycling, has said,

“It’s great to be working with a customer that is so committed to high environmental standards as we are. Through our innovative and comprehensive waste service package, we will ensure Harwoods Group’s carbon emission are reduced and their environmental sustainability goals are achieved.”  

For more information on Slicker’s sustainable waste management solutions, contact our dedicated customer service team today on 0330 159 8325 or email customerservices@slickerrecycling.com. For more information on Harwoods Volvo please visit www.harwoods.uk.com/volvo/.

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