Good Practice For Waste Oils

Using good practice for storing, handling, and disposing of waste oil is essential, particularly for those that are classed as hazardous or special waste.

There are many different types of oil, and during use, their properties may have changed, which dictates how they are classed when they become waste products. Updated technical information is available on GOV.UK.

The most common waste oils are driven from fuels and lubricants, which originally come from petroleum oil, sometimes referred to as mineral oils. However, many other common oils, including vegetable oils used for cooking can become waste also.

Waste oil is very harmful to the environment and some have carcinogenic properties, so need to be carefully managed.


Legal requirements

Depending on where and how waste oil is produced, there are different legal requirements. All mineral oils are deemed to be hazardous and will have additional requirements.

Household waste oils, typically produced in small quantities are usually managed by your local authority, who can advise on disposal options. Waste oil taken to commercial companies for disposal becomes the responsibility of the organisation.

All waste oils produced by or collected from an industrial or commercial business activity are covered by waste oil legislation for their storage, transport, and recovery or disposal.

Waste oil should be kept away from other waste, in robust and safe storage, before being disposed of safely. Household waste oils, from cooking oils to waste vehicle oils should be taken to your nearest household recycling site for safe disposal. Never dispose of any oil down the drain, and never should be burned.

For commercial waste oil, you must meet the necessary legal requirements for storage and disposal.

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