From Purchase, to Use, to Recycling: Blair Atholl Garage and Other Oilsure Members Secure Peace of Mind in the Management of Their Lubricating Oil

Duncan Davidson – Servicesure Customer Programmes Consultant, Derek Crighton – Owner of Blair Atholl Garage, Sean Thorpe – Slicker Recycling National Sales Manager

Blair Atholl Garage, located in the Scottish Highlands 80 miles South of Inverness, has been awarded the Certificate of Sustainable Waste Management for their responsible approach to managing their waste. They have been operating their family run business for over 70 years, providing 24hr recovery as well as MOT and servicing for commercial and domestic vehicles.

As a responsible independent garage based in an area of outstanding natural beauty, sustainability and environmental protection is a focus for the business. Thanks to their partnership with Slicker Recycling, through the Servicesure Autocentre Network, the 2018 Servicesure Autocentre of the Year finalist, has made significant strides to increase their recycling levels and minimise their carbon footprint. By managing their waste oil and workshop waste, Slicker has helped find environmentally sustainable solutions that significantly reduce Blair Atholl Garage’s carbon emissions.

The Carbon Cutting Slicker Solution

Global warming and carbon emissions are ever-present concerns. Through their partnership with Slicker Recycling, however, Blair Atholl Garage and other Oilsure members can be assured that their used oil is being handled sustainably and responsibly. Unlike many other service providers, which will burn the used oil as a fuel in the marine and energy markets, Slicker re-processes the used oil they collect at their state-of-the-art facility in Denmark. From there, the oil will be re-refined into a base oil product, the main component in the production of brand-new lubricating oils. Not only does this process contribute to the circular economy, by preventing a valuable resource from being consumed, but it also significantly decreases the carbon footprint of Oilsure members! 

Oilsure - The 360 Solution For Lubricating Oil Management

Through Servicesure’s industry-leading warranty programme ‘Oilsure’, Blair Atholl Garage and other members receive complete peace of mind in the purchasing and installing of their oil. Through their strategic partnership with specialist oil supplier, Comma, Oilsure members will receive a comprehensive oil management service.

Fitting the wrong oil in a customer’s vehicle could cost your business thousands of pounds in repairs. Through Servicesure’s ‘Oilsure’ initiative, however, workshops can simply search for the vehicle registration plate, using the easy-to-use platform, to order the specific oil required for that vehicle. Workshops can also order the oil in a range of volumes to suit their requirements, from 1-litre bottles to 199-litre drums. Not only this, but the oil purchased from the platform is under the Oilsure guarantee, giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.

Derek Crighton – Owner of Blair Atholl Garage and Oilsure member has commented:

Since becoming a member of the Oilsure programme, it has made the management of our oil much easier. We know the oil we purchase is appropriate for the vehicles we’re working on and it’s great to know that our waste oil is managed responsibly, helping us cut down our carbon footprint.”

Paul Dineen, Head of Garage Programmes at the Parts Alliance, has said:

The Oilsure programme aims make the management of oil as simple as possible, whilst providing complete peace of mind for our members. Through our programme, workshops can order the specific oil they require, with our Oilsure guarantee. Not only this, but members can save money and the environment through Slicker’s competitively priced, sustainable waste oil management solution. It’s a win-win for our Oilsure members and their customers.”


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