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Slicker offers a sustainable waste management solution, helping our customer’s cut their carbon footprint and contribute to the circular economy. Below we answer some of your questions regarding sustainable waste management.

How can we help fight climate change?
By partnering with Slicker as your waste management partner, we can help you cut your carbon and contribute to the circular economy.

What is the circular economy?
The circular economy is an economic system that aims to tackle climate change by keeping existing resources in use for as long as possible and extracting their maximum value, instead of using new resources.

How does Slicker support the circular economy?
Through our innovative base oil re-refinery and network of sustainable partners, Slicker endeavours to find a ‘Zero-Waste-to-Landfill’ solution for the waste we collect.

How is Slicker different to other waste oil service providers?
Many other waste oil service providers process the used oil they collect into a fuel to be burnt in the marine and shipping market, releasing significant carbon emissions. Slicker, however, re-refines the used oil back into a base oil product.

What is base oil used for?
Base oil is used in the production of brand-new lubricating oil, closing the circular economy loop.

How can Slicker help us cut our carbon footprint?
Through our Slicker service, we can divert our customer’s used oil from being burnt, significantly cutting their carbon emissions. Not only this, but the base oil produced from the re-refined oil generates 30% less carbon than base oil produced from crude oil. 

Do you provide a nationwide Slicker service?
We have a network of strategically located depots enabling us to offer our Slicker service across mainland UK

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