Fleet Assist’s new garage supply programme Lemon Penguin puts a freeze on its network’s carbon emissions thanks to sustainable waste management partnership

Sustainability-focused garage supply programme, Lemon Penguin from Fleet Assist, is working in partnership with carbon-cutting waste management provider, Slicker Recycling, to provide a greener solution for its members’ waste oil and other workshop waste. Lemon Penguin members will also cut down on waste management costs as well as their carbon, thanks to exclusive industry-leading rates.

Waste oil to base oil: A sustainable Slicker solution

The Lemon Penguin garage service network is comprised of over 500 independent garages located nationwide. The used oil Slicker Recycling collects from its members is sent to its clean, green, used oil re-refining machine, where it is processed back into a high-quality base oil product. The base oil is then blended with additives to produce brand-new lubricating oil, ready to be re-used in various mechanical applications.

Thanks to this sustainable approach to managing used oil, Lemon Penguin members directly contribute to the circular economy, helping to limit the consumption of a valuable, rapidly depleting resource.

Huge carbon cuts across the network

Unfortunately, many other used oil service providers do not adopt this circular approach, instead processing the used oil into a low-grade Processed Fuel Oil (PFO) which is burnt in the energy and marine markets. This, in turn, generates significant volumes of carbon emission, contributing to the climate crisis.

Not only does Slicker’s sustainable base oil re-refining approach preserve valuable resources, but it is significantly more carbon-efficient compared to alternative processing methods. For every 1,000 litres of used oil Slicker re-fines back into a base oil, Slicker can help Lemon Penguin members save over 180 kg of carbon emissions, compared to the PFO production process. This is approximately the same volume of carbon seven trees will absorb in a year.


In addition to the carbon savings and circular approach to Lemon Penguin’s used oil, Slicker will also be helping its vast network of garages avoid waste-to-landfill through the management of other workshop waste streams.  Oily rags, spent aerosols, contaminated plastics and other hazardous workshop waste is all collected and handled responsibly. The waste is processed at specialist facilities where it is broken down into component materials and sent to be recycled for other uses, completely avoiding landfill.

Saving money and the environment

The sustainable partnership between Slicker Recycling and Lemon Penguin also provides significant financial savings for members. Garages will benefit from Slicker’s industry-leading rates across all workshop waste streams, exclusive to Lemon Penguin members.

Vincent St Claire, Managing Director at Fleet Assist commented.

“At Lemon Penguin we deliver the best value for our network members. Through our partnership with Slicker Recycling, we will help our members greatly reduce their waste management spend, with exclusive discounted rates, and cut their carbon footprint, thanks to their innovative base oil re-refinery.”

Sean Thorpe, National Sales Manager at Slicker Recycling has said,

“It is great to be working alongside Lemon Penguin and its membership network. Together, through our partnership, we will help fight climate change and support members reduce their waste management bill. A win-win all round!”

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