Emergency Response Case Study - Plant & Tool Hire Industry

During this trying time, a hazardous spill should be the least of your worries. Slicker Recycling are here to help, providing a quick and reliable emergency spill response service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Last week, a key business within the plant and tool hire industry experienced a significant hazardous spillage on their site. 1,500 litres of gas oil fuel had leaked from one of their tanks, which had contaminated their main yard and had run into a neighbouring business’s site.

Slicker’s expert team received the emergency call at 7:30 am and were able to dispatch a specialist team to be on site for 11:30 am. The team bunded the drainage systems, conducted land remediation works and flushed out the drainage system from top to bottom, preventing the contamination spreading further. Within two days the site was cleared of hazardous contamination and residues. Thanks to Slicker’s quick response, the situation was contained preventing any impact on the local environment.

Our specialist teams are equipped to deal with some of the most severe spillage emergencies including, oil & fuel spills, chemical spills, marine pollution and land remediation.

If you have an urgent spillage on your site, please contact our specialist team:

In Office Hours (08:30-17:00) 0330 159 8325
Out of Office Hours 07930 355 657

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