Do you know what happens to your waste oil?

It’s important that your waste oil is handled with care, but do you know what happens to it once it’s been collected? Depending on the service provider you use, this can influence how it is processed and its impact on the environment. Not all service providers offer the same carbon-reducing solution.

About Slicker

Slicker Recycling is the UK's market leader in environmental services and waste management, offering a wide range of services to meet our customer’s needs. Slicker is committed to the circular economy and endeavours to find a closed-loop solution for your used oil and other waste streams.

The used oil we collect from customers' sites is transported to one of our strategically located regional depots. From there, the used oil is transported in bulk to our re-refinery. At this facility, the used oil is processed back into a base oil product. This product is then sold to the lubricating market, where it is blended with ad packs, and special chemical compounds to produce brand-new lubricating oils. Through our closed-loop process, we adhere to the circular economy model and preserve a finite resource.

Our competitors

Many other service providers process the used oil they collect into a Processed Fuel Oil (PFO). This product is often used as a fuel in the energy and marine markets as a low-grade fuel. Not only does this model result in significant carbon emissions, contributing to the climate crisis, but also breaks the chain in the circular economy.

Benefits of Slicker

The benefits of our sustainable Slicker service are numerous. For every 1000 litres of used oil, we collect and re-refine into a base oil, we can save you over 180kg of CO2 emissions, compared to other alternative methods. That’s the equivalent of the annual carbon consumption of 7.4 trees. 

Thanks to Slickers' expert team, vast collection fleet, and strategically located depots, we also provide outstanding customer service at competitive rates, offering timely and reliable collections, to meet customers’ needs. From our customer feedback survey, which evaluates all aspects of our service, we scored an average CSI (customer satisfaction index) score of 94.47% in 2022 (YTD).

“Your collection driver is brilliant; he is the main reason we continue to use you. Never complains about the difficulty in accessing our building and does it all with a smile.”

Mick Lee – Doble Motorcycles

Choose the circular economy solution for your waste oil with the sustainable collection from Slicker. For more information on Slicker’s, carbon and cost-cutting waste management package, contact our expert team on 0330 159 8325 or email today.

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