Dawsongroup vans Drives Change Through Sustainable Waste Oil Management Partnership

Dawsongroup vans Drives Change Through Sustainable Waste Oil Management Partnership

Dawsongroup vans has made significant headway in reducing their carbon emissions through a new partnership with Slicker Recycling, the industry-leading hazardous waste specialists. The UK’s top commercial vehicle rental company has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by sending all its waste oil to be processed at Slicker’s waste-oil-to-base-oil re-refinery.

To support Dawsongroup vans with its sustainability agenda, Slicker is committed to the European Waste Hierarchy Model, which priorities the prevention, reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste materials generated across the business.

Through the servicing of their fleet, Dawsongroup vans generates approximately 30,000 litres of used lubricating oil every year across their 13 sites. Thanks to their new partnership with Slicker Recycling, the used oil is re-refined back into a lubricating oil. This prevents the used oil from being manufactured into Processed Fuel Oil (PFO), a low-quality, carbon-emitting fuel that is used in the marine and energy markets.

In addition to their waste oil collection service, Slicker also provides a comprehensive waste management package for Dawsongroup vans’ other workshop waste streams, including oil filters, batteries, empty drums, and tyres. This one-stop-shop service not only simplifies their supply chain, but also helps them significantly reduce their waste management spend.

Dean Ryan, Supply Chain Manager, said, “Dawsongroup vans is dedicated to sustainability and working with our supply chain to minimise carbon emissions and contribute to the circular economy. By working with Slicker Recycling, we have found a partner that is aligned with our clean, green ambitions.

“The used oil we produce now takes on a new life cycle by being re-refined, instead of simply being burnt as a fuel. Not only this, but our workshop waste is also being responsibly managed by being reused and recycled with a zero-to-landfill policy in place.”

Dawsongroup vans’ Account Manager from Slicker Recycling, Jessica Cutler, said, “As we develop our partnership, we are supporting Dawsongroup vans with reducing their waste volumes where possible, implementing efficiencies, and finding the most sustainable solutions.

“Already, thanks to our carbon-efficient approach to waste oil, we have helped Dawsongroup vans make significant carbon reductions and have supported them in directly contributing to a sustainable circular economy.”

To find out how you can reduce your carbon emissions and contribute to the circular economy, contact Slicker’s sustainability waste management specialists on 0330 159 8325 or customerservices@slickerrecycling.com.

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