Broad Oak Motor Group stamps down their carbon emissions with the support of waste management partner, Slicker Recycling.

Kent-based dealer group, Broad Oak Motor Group has stamped down their carbon emissions, with their sustainable waste management practices. As a result, they have been given Slicker Recycling’s official certificate of Sustainable Waste Management, an award allocated to only a few automotive dealer groups in the UK for their responsible approach to waste management.

Unlike many other automotive dealer groups, Broad Oak Motor Group contributes directly to the circular economy by reprocessing their used lubricating oil at Slicker Recycling’s state-of-the-art base oil re-refinery. This process transforms their used oil into a re-usable base oil, the key ingredient in the production of new lubricating oils.

Many other waste oil service providers will process the used oil they collect into a ‘processed fuel oil’ which is then burnt at sea as a shipping fuel, releasing harmful carbon emissions. Thanks to Broad Oak Motor Group’s partnership with Slicker Recycling, however, this is avoided helping to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and minimise their environmental impact.

Through the guidance of Slicker Recycling, Broad Oak Motor Group has also identified new and sustainable methods of managing their other waste streams. These include hazardous workshop waste, dry waste, mixed recycling, and interceptor waste, to name a few. By following the European Waste Hierarchy Model – which prioritises reducing, reusing, and recycling waste over its disposal, Broad Oak Motor Group has eliminated their waste-to-landfill, greatly improved their overall recycling rates and generated significant cost savings.  

Kevin Taunton, Managing Director from Broad Oak Motor Group has said:

“We are grateful for the support Slicker Recycling provides us with our waste management. Protecting the environment and reducing our carbon emissions are a high priority for the Broad Oak Motor Group. Through our partnership with Slicker, we have met our sustainability goals and look to further improve our waste management processes.”

Laura Carter, Commercial Director at Slicker Recycling has commented:

“The Sustainable Waste Management certificate awarded to Broad Oak Motor Group is a testament to their commitment to responsible waste management. Through the support of our expert team, Broad Oak Motor Group have identified new and efficient methods of managing their waste, whilst greatly reducing their carbon emissions.”

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