Bentley Sussex and Bentley Hampshire Helping Tackle Climate Change Crisis by Recycling Customers’ Used Oil

Harwoods’ two Bentley dealerships, Bentley Sussex and Bentley Hampshire, have gone above and beyond the manufacturer's call for sustainable management practices. In response to the manufacture’s requests, Harwoods have taken proactive strides to meet their goals. Bentley will be specifically targeting dealer groups on their use of gas, electricity, and fuel, as well as their demo-millage, waste management and recycling rates.

Harwoods’ Sustainable Actions

In their efforts to meet Bentley’s sustainability targets, Harwoods, with the help of waste management partner Slicker Recycling, have been reviewing their waste management practices, looking to minimise their waste to landfill and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Across the Harwoods Group, including Bentley Sussex and Bentley Hampshire, Slicker provide a comprehensive and carbon-efficient waste management package, handling all office and workshop waste, as well as drainage services. As part of the dedicated service, Slicker Recycling continually review Harwoods’ waste streams, identifying key areas of improvement and advise on the best, most sustainable, course of action. 

A New Way of Thinking

Across the automotive industry, many dealer groups are unaware of what happens to their waste after it leaves the dealership. In the case of waste oil, traditionally many service providers will process it into a ‘dirty’ Processed Fuel Oil (PFO) which will be burnt in the marine and energy industries. This process generates significant carbon emissions and contributes to climate change.

Thanks to their partnership with Slicker Recycling, however, Harwoods have circumvented this carbon-emitting process, opting for Slicker’s sustainable, carbon-efficient, re-refining solution. 90% of the used oil collected at Harwoods’ dealerships is sent to Slicker’s state-of-the-art base oil re-refinery. Here the oil is re-processed into a base oil product which is used as the main component in brand new lubricating oils. Through this process, Harwoods are directly contributing to the regenerative and sustainable circular economy, avoiding the consumption of valuable finite resources. Not only this, but the base oil produced from Harwood’s used oil is 30% more carbon-efficient to produce than base oil made from crude oil.

75% Recycling Rate

Due to their commitment to sustainable business practices, Bentley Sussex and Bentley Hampshire are well on their way to meeting and surpassing the targets set by the manufacturer. In addition to their used oil efficiencies, with support from Slicker Recycling, the two Harwoods Bentley dealerships have also improved on their dry waste environmental impact, greatly minimising their waste-to-landfill. The dealerships currently boast a 75% recycling rate, well above the national average, with the aim to improve further.

Harwoods’ Bentley Brand Manager, Tony Wells has commented,

“To mirror Bentley’s commitment of going carbon neutral by 2030, Bentley Sussex and Bentley Hampshire are focusing on new sustainable business practices. With the support and guidance from our waste management partner, Slicker Recycling, we have already significantly reduced our carbon output and almost eliminated our waste‐to‐landfill. As part of our mission to be more environmentally conscious, we are committed to regularly reviewing all aspects of our business activities to keep up with the latest sustainable practices.”

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