A Swift Slicker Response for Falmouth Marine Gas Oil (MGO) Uplift

Recently Slicker received an urgent request for a fuel uplift of over 100,000 litres of out of specification Marine Gas Oil (MGO) from a vessel docked in Falmouth. From arriving on site, Slicker were only given a short two day time window of to accomplish the task.

Thanks to Slicker’s vast number of vehicles, network of strategically located depots and experienced team, we rose to the challenge, pulling out all the stops to ensure the deadline was met.  We deployed articulated tankers within 24 hours of being given the go ahead, and safely and efficiently removed the surplus fuel from the ship’s tanks.

The customer was grateful for the swift Slicker response, commenting:

“Thank you [Leanne Tillson – Commercial Manager] and your Slicker team for pulling it out of the bag in such a tight timeframe. The task was completed seamlessly with no disruption to our operations.”

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