A Slicker Waste Management Solution for State-of-the-art Automotive Centre

Progressive and forward-thinking automotive dealer group Harwoods has now opened the doors to their state-of-the-art Portsmouth Audi Aftersales Centre, located just off the Eastern Road, offering their customers a “future now” car servicing experience. As one of their trusted suppliers, Slicker Recycling will be providing their new facility with a host of environmentally sustainable waste management services to complement the green credentials and features of Harwoods' new purpose-built site as they do across Harwoods 19 sites located across Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Cutting the Carbon

The 19,300 square foot facility has been built following low energy green building standards helping to reduce their carbon footprint. By choosing to work with Slicker Recycling as their waste management partner Harwoods will be reducing their carbon footprint even further.

Slicker’s Sustainable Solution for Hardwoods’ Used Oil

This year Slicker Recycling has opened their base oil re-refinery in Kalundborg Denmark, as part of a joint venture initiative, and is one of only a few facilities in Europe which turns used engine oil into a high-quality base oil for re-use in the production of new motor lubricating oil. The 22,000 litres of used oil collected annually from Harwoods’ new site will now be reprocessed into a reusable lubricating product saving up to 30% in carbon emissions in comparison to refining lubricating oil from crude oil. This process also diverts the used oil from being burnt as an industrial fuel, further reducing Harwoods’ carbon footprint. 

A Comprehensive and Sustainable Service Package

Not only will Slicker Recycling be offering a sustainable solution for Harwoods’ used oil, Slicker will also be providing a comprehensive and environmentally efficient service for the site’s other waste streams. The waste streams include general waste, dry mixed recycling, workshop waste, and scrap metal, as well as interceptor and drainage services for the entire site.

Steve Brown, Aftersales Manager at Harwoods’ new Portsmouth Audi Aftersales Centre has said:

“It’s great to be working alongside a supplier which is as committed to sustainable businesses practices as we are. As a business, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and by working with Slicker Recycling we can achieve our shared goal.”

Slicker Service

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