4 reasons why you should use Slicker Recycling for your waste oil collections

When it comes to waste oil Slicker Recycling are the leaders in the industry. We offer a stand out service for all our customers whether you’re a family run business or a national organisation. Here are four reasons why you should use Slicker Recycling for your waste oil collections:

Reason 1: National Collection Service

Our vast network of collection vehicles and depots means that wherever you are in mainland UK we provide you with a prompt and reliable Slicker service.

Reason 2: Save the Planet

We are one of the very few waste oil collection service providers in the UK who recycle our own oil – in fact, many waste management companies actually send their waste oil to us for recycling! With your help, we can prevent serious damage to the environment by recycling waste oil responsibly

Reason 3 – Tailored Service

Our waste oil collection services are tailored to meet your specific needs. There’s no need to worry about your oil tank getting too full, as you can make use of our scheduled collection service. Alternatively, we can arrange an on-demand collection.

Reason 4 – Competitive Pricing

Slicker offer competitive rates on waste oil collections, whether its 500L or 50,000L!

For more information on our Slicker Waste oil collection service contact our dedicated customer service team today. T:0330 159 8325 E: bookings@slickerrecycling.com

Call 0330 159 8325 to book your waste oil collection

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  • Speedy
  • Reliable
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