4 reasons why you should use Slicker for your industrial services

Slicker’s Industrial Services Division (ISD) offers specialist advice and solutions for a wide range of industrial projects. Here are 4 reasons why you should use Slicker for your industrial services:

Reason 1: Bespoke Service

We realise there is never a ‘one fix for all’ solution. Every job is different and has unique challenges. We will ensure the service we provide will meet the specific requirements.

Reason 2: One point of contact

There is no need for you to juggle multiple suppliers. Our dedicated team will manage the whole project and all suppliers from start to finish, ensuring you only need one point of contact.

Reason 3: Wide range of services

Our industrial service team has many years of the experience and knowledge within the industry and are capable to handle almost any project. Our range of services includes but not limited to oil/chemical tank decommissioning & removal, emergency spill response, site clearances, chemical waste identification & removal, interceptor installations and shipping waste (MARPOL).

Reason 4: Cost-effective solution

By having an extensive network of suppliers, we can source the most economically viable solution to meet your budget requirement.

For more information on our industrial services please contact our expert team for more information. T:0330 159 8325 E: customerservice@slickerrecycling.com

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