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For over 10 years HSS Hire have been able to rely on the Slicker Recycling to provide a professional service. They have maintained the interceptors at more than 200 of our sites and have also provided impartial advice on any relevant changes to legislation. Access to the online records on the Slicker Recycling website has proved to be an invaluable resource and has virtually eliminated the requirement for paper based records. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Bob Plunkett

CJ Ball, Honda - Norwich

We got in touch with Slicker Recycling when they became an approved supplier to Honda UK. At that time our hazardous workshop waste was being handled by our current supplier and covered the collection of waste oil and filters. Slicker Recycling were able to offer a much better deal and now we get paid for the waste oil and have the filters collected at no cost.We're well pleased with the service we are getting from Slicker Recycling and it's obviously much better from a financial aspect. The fact that all our waste is now recycled is also important to us.

Andrew McDonald

Kestrel, Honda - Coventry

We were advised of the Honda arrangement and contacted Slicker Recycling. We'd had a couple of waste companies looking after us in the past and our then current contractor was paying us for our oil. However Slicker Recycling came up with a much better deal, hence the change. We are now getting a good rate for the waste oil and having filters collected free. We also use the Slicker Recycling rags recycling service and that's free as well. When our waste oil tank or filter bin is full, we simply call them and they collect within a couple of days. No problem. The same applies to rags. When we get low on rags we call them, they collect the dirty rags and swap for clean ones. The service they provide is good - we'd soon shout if it wasn't - and it makes sound, economic sense.

Kevin Tubby

Ballyvesey Holdings - Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

We operate over 30 workshops servicing our franchised truck dealerships and contract hire customers all over the UK. We had many different regional suppliers servicing them with waste oil and workshop waste collections, parts washers and interceptor clearances. Slicker Recycling came and offered us a package to service all these needs through one supplier no matter where our workshop was located. Not only did they offer us the peace of mind that all our hazardous waste disposals were being dealt with in a compliant and environmentally efficient manor but the deal also offered us value, reducing our overall workshop costs.

Nigel Birkmyre

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Slicker Recycling is the market leader specialising in the collection and recycling of hazardous workshop waste and the provision of associated waste management services.

Our size and nationwide coverage means we offer the best rates as well as additional services to handle all waste related requirements for the automotive, transport and general engine servicing industries. The oil we collect is re-processed into a fuel and other wastes are recycled or re-used to help achieve our mission of zero landfill.

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